Underwater Robotics ROV

SAT of Microelectronics, Underwater Robotics and ROV

At Randal Systems we have a technical service line specialized in ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) equipment and its auxiliary positioning, control and detection systems.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the sector and our knowledge in the branches of computer, electronic and mechanical engineering, and our equipment and facilities, we are able to repair equipment at component level, whether electronic or mechanical, or even develop on-site new parts.

This translates into super-reduced response times, which results in lower downtimes and costs for our customers, with the added value of direct contact and understanding of their needs: we are also pilots, so we know how demanding and delicate they are. these jobs can become.
Of course we also carry out the necessary installations, repairs and modifications to include and operate instrumentation in ROV equipment, such as sonar, USBL positioning, SD and HD cameras, arms and clamps, ferromagnetic detection systems, etc.