Technical assistance service

Technical assistance service for our clients

At Randal Systems we offer our technical assistance service focused on industrial electronics, mechanics and electromechanics, with services both in our facilities and on-site, where the machine is located.
We cover any point of the machine and with any technology. We are specialists in electronics in terms of component, software and mechanics. We work with hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical machinery.

We offer a laboratory electronic board repair service for individuals and companies. We have extensive experience in air conditioning, food, sanitary systems and appliances, textile manufacturing, printing, CCTV and Television, professional audio and a long etcetera.

In our line of specialized underwater technical service, 24 h, 365d, we carry out repairs and maintenance of ROV systems (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and their accessories and control and positioning systems, diving equipment such as specific CCTV, communications, cameras and lights, umbilicals and specific equipment for professional diving.