Rov services

The technology available for underwater work. Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) offer a new range of possibilities to diving companies and the environment. At Randal Systems we have the equipment, spare parts and / or service you need.
Electronic Engineering Company

Rov technical service

ROV technical assistance 24h, 365 days. Have your ROV always ready by professionals.
Electronic Engineering Company

Rov repair

Mechanical, electronic and software repairs. All the brands and models.
Electronic Engineering Company

Works with Rov

We also offer our pilot rental services or with our own ROVs.
Electronic Engineering Company

Videoray, Seabotix

Specialists in the main ROV brands, both technically and in piloting.

... And many more ROV related services

ROV spare parts, ROV training, Saab Seaeye ROV Falcon DR services, ROV tool development, Nido robotics …
We develop components and distribute the originals for the majority of existing brands:

Spare parts for rov

All the brands and models

Nido Robotics, Blue Roboticas, Saab Seaeye Falcon DR, Seabotix, RovBuilder, Outland, Mirage, VideoRay, etc.

Electronic Engineering Company

(+34) 952 173 721

Specialized technical service

Technical service for electronic boards

Electronic Engineering

Electronic engineering in product development, also robotics and mechatronics engineering

Professional diving

Distributors and manufacturers of equipment and spare parts for professional and military diving: helmets, masks, communication, regulators, CCTV …

Equipment for professional diving

Helmets and masks, components, gas and electric umbilicals, repair and spare parts.

Communications and video equipment

CCTV equipment, communications and umbilicals both own and of the main brands.

Our professional diving products

We are manufacturers of electronic equipment and gas supply for professional and military diving.


Portable hydrophony system


CCTV equipment


Underwater LED lighting equipment


Underwater lighting control unit


Underwater LED lighting equipment


Power supply unit for 12V equipment


Underwater LED lighting equipment

Divecom ll

Underwater communications system


Power supply unit for 24V equipment

Divecom III

Underwater communications system