Underwater Engineering custom products

We carry out a personalized study of the needs or deficiencies of your project, offering customized engineering solutions, using the integration of existing technologies or creating complex developments from scratch.

Electronic Engineering Company

Randal Systems occupies a prominent place in the electronic engineering sector in Spain, being already a benchmark in product design, and in the development of machines and equipment.

We offer simple solutions to complex problems,

optimizing processes, reducing development times and the final cost of the product.


Randal Systems offers you a single space in which to develop all the services that your project may require.
Electronic Engineering Company


Industrial Design in 3D to give the most suitable shape to the product according to its application. State-of-the-art CAD programs and our manufacturing experience allow us to arrive at the best solution while minimizing equipment costs.
Electronic Engineering Company


Engineering for the development of machines, mechanisms and parts necessary for the mechanical operation of the system. Calculations and choice of materials according to operating conditions.


Design, calculations and choice of electronic components for hardware functions. Schematic and PCB design, circuit simulation, assembly and soldering of prototypes in SMD.
Electronic Engineering Company


Development of IOS and Android mobile applications, customized programs for the control of equipment based on microcontrollers and embedded equipment.


Some of the innovation projects in which we have participated

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