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Prior considerations

These legal conditions regulate the legal permitted use of the Web site with URL (in later Randal Systems).
These general conditions regulate the access and use that the owner of the Web site offers free of charge for the users / you Internet. The access to it implies acceptance without reservations. The recruitment of reserves, services or promotions are governed, In addition, by the particular conditions laid down in each case, which shall be accepted by the mere use of such services.

Use of the Web site

The / user/or undertakes to use the Web site, the services and the contents in a diligent manner, correct and legal manner and, in particular, undertakes to refrain from: Delete, circumvent or manipulate the “Copyright” and other data identifying the rights of their holders incorporated in the contents, as well as the technical protection devices, or any information mechanisms that may contain the contents. Also the / user/or is obligated to diligently safeguard and keep secret the passwords provided by Randal Systems and assume the consequences or the economic damage suffered by the lack of diligence of the custody of the same.

Industrial property

The texts, images, logos, distinctive signs, sounds, animations, videos, code source and rest of contents included in this Web site are the property of Randal Systems, or has in your case, the right of reproduction, y en tal sentido se erigen como obras protegidas por la legislación de propiedad intelectual e industrial vigentes.
Cualquier transmisión, distribución, reproducción o almacenamiento, total o parcial, de los contenidos almacenados en este sitio Web, queda expresamente prohibido salvo previo y expreso consentimiento del titular. No obstante, las/os Usuarias/os podrán llevar a cabo la reproducción o almacenamiento de los contenidos del sitio Web para su exclusivo uso personal, quedando expresa y terminantemente prohibida la reproducción de elementos o contenidos de este sitio Web, realizados con ánimo de lucro o fines comerciales..

Condiciones de Acceso

Randal Systems, se reserva la facultad de efectuar, en cualquier momento y sin necesidad de previo aviso, modificaciones y actualizaciones de la información contenida en el sitio Web, de la configuración y presentación de ésta, de las condiciones de acceso, condiciones de contratación…. etc. Por lo que la/el Usuaria/o deberá acceder a versiones actualizadas del sitio Web.
La empresa responsable del sitio Web no garantiza la inexistencia de interrupciones o errores en el acceso al sitio Web o a su contenido, ni que ésta se encuentre actualizada o libre de virus ni de cualquier otro elemento en la que puedan producir alteraciones en su sistema informático. Randal Systems declina cualquier responsabilidad contractual o extracontractual con la persona o empresa que haga uso de ella y tuviera perjuicios de cualquier naturaleza ocasionados por virus informáticos o por elementos informáticos de cualquier índole.
El titular del sitio Web no responderá de ninguna consecuencia, daño o perjuicio que pudieran derivarse del uso inconsentido de la información contenida en la misma o de los derivados de los servicios y opiniones efectuados por terceros.

Responsabilidad por Enlaces

La empresa responsable del sitio Web, declina cualquier responsabilidad por los servicios y/o información que se preste en otros sitios Web enlazados con este sitio Web. Randal Systems does not control or exercise any oversight when it includes a link to the same, with the belief of these contents to abide by applicable law. No obstante, the use of links to other Web sites does not imply in any way responsibility or ownership of the content thereof, While one can understand that it produces work supervision or approval of changes or information carried out in them. We advise visitors to the same prudence and consult any legal conditions that are exposed in those Web sites.
Randal Systems does not respond or takes care of any responsibility for the damages that may relate to the performance, availability and continuity of the linked sites.

Place of contract and applicable jurisdiction

Randal Systems and the / user/or, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, submit to the courts and tribunals of Malaga city (Capital) for any dispute that may arise from access, or use of this Web site, understanding celebrated this electronic agreement in the city of Malaga (Spain).

Privacy policy

In compliance with provisions in the basic law 15/1999, of 13 of December, protection of data of a Personal nature and its development regulations, Randal Systems informs you that the personal data provided by you via email, information or subscription forms, or the contracting process will be incorporated to a file for automated processing, in order to provide and offer our products and control the accounting management of the company. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) they are mandatory and the omission of them may lead to the inability to provide the required information. The data collected are stored under the confidentiality and the legally established security measures and will be not given to people or entities outside our company.

We also wish to inform you that you may exercise the rights of access, cancellation, correction or update of your data through the following means:

Communication written to the legal person responsible for the file: Randal Systems, C / la Gitanilla No. 17, Bldg. Promalaga r & d – 29004, Malaga (Spain).

Cookies and IP storage

Also reporting to the / user/or that for reasons of control orders, Security and electronic fraud prevention, our website uses implantation of cookies and IP storage devices, being able to exercise the rights of the / the interested/or by the media and channels listed above.

Intellectual property.

In accordance with the laws governing ownership of intellectual rights or other similar rights, This Web site and all its elements, brands, designs, models, logos, graphics, etc. that are therein included its collection, they are the property of each of their legal owners.

The brands mentioned in this website belong to their respective owners, para más información le invitamos a visitar la web official de cada una de ellas.

Permitted only the reproduction or use of part or all of these elements with a purpose exclusively informative for personal and private use, any reproduction and use of copies made for other purposes are expressly prohibited. Any other use constitutes a crime of fraudulent copy and is punishable according to the intellectual property, except prior written permission of Randal Systems, the Director of the photographs and the owners of the brands company.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction.

Randal Systems Society products sales are subject to the Spanish law. Any dispute concerning the interpretation, execution or resolution of the contract made between the purchaser and Randal Systems, even in the case of plurality of defendants, will be, in the absence of friendly agreement, exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Malaga.

Privacy and personal data protection.

We inform you that under Art 5 of the organic law of protection of data, the personal data entered into the various forms on the web, they will become part of an automated file which is responsible for Randal Systems with the purpose of managing its commercial and contractual relationships with users and buyers, as well as sending promotions.

In order to facilitate future orders, can you update them through the personal tab that appears in the section "My profile", using your password and user name to access.